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Department of Psychology, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune was established in 1986 with an objective of bringing together academicians, practitioners and students and provide them a platform to promote psychology as a vast domain for exploring the solutions of human problems, by offering bachelors in psychology and masters courses in clinical and industrial Psychology.

The Department has a state-of-the-art laboratory and well-qualified and experienced faculty. The M.A. Psychology course includes the latest trends in psychology with an emphasis on practical training and field work that will stimulate the interest in students for pursuing careers in different fields of psychology. Catering to the needs of the present scenario, our curriculum focuses on theoretical as well as applied aspects of the subject. Students develop critical research skills through coursework and graduate-level research projects with distinguished faculty, often resulting in co-publishing a paper with a faculty mentor.

Our department offers courses that provide a deep understanding of the self, other people, and how to apply that knowledge to a broad range of professional fields. The Department of Psychology aims to prepare students to become resourceful professional psychologists, counsellors, and mental health practitioners.

Salient Features of the department

  • Well equipped experimental laboratory with classical assessment apparatus.
  • 30+ psychometric assessment tools (including Rorshach’s Inkblot, Thematic Apperception Test, and NEO personality profiling) to provide a varied and rich experience for students to understand the art of psychological assessment.
  • Experienced and skilled faulty to cater to educational and interpersonal needs of the students.
  • On-field training in the form of internship to acquaint student with the applied knowledge of clinical practice.
  • Professional internships in corporate settings for industrial psychology students to up skill themselves with the current corporate market.
  • Building research aptitude amongst the students and encouragement for research so as to work independently.
  • Development of scientific as well as empathic temper in the students for them to become ethical professionals.

  • Courses conducted by the Department

    Senior College (Postgraduate Courses) -

    Master of Arts in Psychology (M.A. Psychology) (2years)

  • Clinical psychology
  • Industrial psychology

  • Undergraduate Courses -

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A. Psychology)

  • Junior College

    Psychology is offered as an optional subject in -

  • First Year Junior college (XI standard)
  • Second Year Junior College (XII Standard)

  • Head of the Department

    Head of the Department

    Dr. Vasant Namdeo Borkar

    M.A. Psychology (Advanced experimental)


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    Senior College

    Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationProfile link
    1Mrs. Sailee ModakAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    2Ms. Shalaka KelkarAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    3 Ms. Karishma ChadhaAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    4Dr. Balaji NiwlikarAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    5Ms. Crystal AnthonyAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    6Mrs. Shweta KakadeAssistant ProfessorView Profile

    Junior College

    Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationProfile link
    1Mrs. Anuradha PawarLecturer Click Here for Profile

    Experimental Laboratory

    The department has 8 well-constructed and equipped experimental cubicles. The laboratory is available for the students during the practical training to understand the skill of conducting psychological experiments. The infrastructure in built to ensure complete experimental control while using the delicate apparatus and equipment which provide a safe space for the participants



    Departmental Library

    The department of psychology has a well-organized library of its own in addition to the main library run by the college. The library has two separate sections for undergraduate and post graduate courses. The library includes a generous volume of literature in addition to the academic reference books.

    Beautiful Minds

    The biggest event hosted by the department of psychology is the Psychology Fest “Beautiful Minds” which has a footprint of hundreds of spectators. The event has been an annual activity for the department since the year 2016. This fest hosts a wide variety of activities like psychological games, psychological testing, debate competition, dancing competition and food stalls. The active participation and contribution of the students of the psychology department makes the event a grand success every year.

    World Mental Health Awareness Day

    The Department organizes an awareness drive across the college campus on the occasion of “World Mental Health Awareness Day” on the 10th October of every year. The implementation of the idea began in 2017 to create a platform for mental health awareness available for the masses. The objective of this event is to reach out to those who may need psychological help, and de-stigmatize mental health and bring it as a need of the hour

    Highlight of the Awareness Drive include:

  • Placement of Awareness Booths across campus to make student and teacher body aware about mental illnesses, taboos, stereotypes and ignorance towards mental health.
  • Organization of street play competition to share insight on existing stereotypes of mental health.
  • Personality testing and productive discussions on the same, to encourage open talk regarding the importance of mental health.

  • Movie Club

    A film club run by the psychology students under the guidance of faulty members every Saturday screen movies based on psychological themes. Movie Screening and productive discussions on the same encourage open talk regarding the importance of mental health.

    Awareness of Tuberculosis and Its impact on mental health

    “Awareness of Tuberculosis and Its impact on mental health” guest lecture was kept for the benefit of the department students. The guest speaker Dr. Sanjay Gaikwad of Sassoon Hospital guided the students for the same

    Workshop on Social Inclusion in Multi-Cultural Societies

    The Department held a diverse Workshop for the students in the department of psychology. Experimental Psychologist Dr Nick Hopkins delegate of Dundee University delivered a lecture on the topic of social inclusion in multi cultural societies. The talk focused on the use of psychology in multiple cultures and Dr. Hopkins experiments on the concepts of citizenship, cross cultural acceptance and role played by constitutions of countries to make people feel more comfortable and accepted. The session was very enlightening and the content of the subject matter was conveyed to the students in a simple yet informative manner.

    Workshops and other events -

  • Awareness of Tuberculosis and Its impact on mental health

    “Awareness of Tuberculosis and Its impact on mental health” guest lecture was kept for the benefit of the department students. The guest speaker Dr. Sanjay Gaikwad of Sassoon Hospital guided the students for the same

  • Workshop on Rorschach Inkblot Testing, Administration and Interpretation by Dr.Mridula Apte

  • Workshop on Graphology by Milind Rajore

  • Workshop on Dance Movement Therapy by Vishakha Gulgule

  • Workshop on Visual Arts Therapy by Mugdha Shivapurkar

  • Workshop on Visual Arts Therapy by Mugdha Shivapurkar

  • Workshop on Hypnotherapy by Paulomi Upadhyay

  • Workshop on “Cinema for Mental Health” by Mrinmayee Vaishampayan

  • Living with Schizophrenia, an interactive session by Reshma Valliappan (Social Activist)

  • Research

    Author(s)Title and Publication YearJournal Detail*Indexed in **Impact Factor $
    Ms. Karishma ChadhaA Comparative Study between Nicotine Dependents and Non Nicotine Dependents on Stress. in 2019Think India ISSN: 0971-1260 Vol-22, Special Issue-13UGC- Care6.2
    Ms. Shalaka KelkarComparative study on Life satisfaction and Work-life balance among teachers in 2019Think India ISSN: 0971-1260 Vol-22, Special Issue-13UGC- Care6.2
    Mr. Balaji NiwlikarComparative study on Stress and Quality of Life among employees in 2019Think India ISSN: 0971-1260 Vol-22, Special Issue-13UGC- Care6.2
    Mr. Balaji NiwlikarResilience and Mental Health Among College StudentsIndian Association of Mental Health--
    Mrs. Prachi GaikwadA study on technological recreation and BMI among Children in 2019Think India ISSN: 0971-1260 Vol-22, Special Issue-13UGC- Care6.2
    Mrs. Arti KandolkarQuality of Life and Burden of Care of Parents of Autistic Children in 2018---
    Ms. Shalaka KelkarPsychological Capital, Organization role stress and openness among employees in 2018SIOP--
    Mr. Balaji NiwlikarA Comparative study on Big Five Personality Dimensions and Modernity among College Students in 2018Marathi Manasshatra ParishadPeer reviewed journal-
    Mr. Balaji NiwlikarA correlational study of personality and modernity among college students.International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research JournalUGC- Care5.5
    Dr. Vasant Namdeo BorkarDepression in adolescent students of government schools in 2017Psychology for health, happiness and harmony Jayam publication ISSN: 978-93-85108-00-6 Page - 209--

    The department of psychology offers specialization in Masters for Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Our aim is to bridge the gap between theory and applications, hence significant focus is given to prepare students for their career trajectory. The teaching-learning process is molded in a rich fashion to provide students adequate skills, scientific and empathic temper to become ideal and ethical professionals in the field.

    The students of the department have excellent placement opportunities after the completion of their Master Course. There have been 10+ placements for master students for the year of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. The students are occupying varied positions in the industry and contributing their best to the field of mental health.


    Sr. No.Name of StudentCompany Name
    1Hely KansaraElysium of Mind Mental Health Services
    2Kritika KharelKalm Therapy Mental Health Services
    3Ishaa ShahMentoria Pvt. Ltd
    4Sirisha SusarlaPsychcorner
    5Deepali TannaStyle Quack
    6Simran AlekarBrainability Int. Autism Center
    7Kruch TanpureCynet Systems
    8Parimesha ShindePeoplefy Infosolutions
    9Neha KadaliPeoplefy Infosolutions
    10Kimberley DsouzaPeoplefy Infosolutions
    11Swarnima AnjalkarIthena Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    12Heenal ShahSymbiosis International School
    13Sweety VermaCoditas technologies

    We congratulate all the students for their exceptional performance and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

    Organization of Street Play Competition on 10th October, 2019, with Wadia College winning the 1st Prize

    Organization of Street Play Competition on 10th October, 2018, with Wadia College winning the 2nd Prize

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