About the Department

The Department of French was established in 1932 along with the inception of the college. It was the first college in Pune to offer French as a foreign language. Prof. Uma shashi Bhalerao and Prof. Anjali Paranjpye dedicatedly worked to promote the French language by organizing exchange programmes and activities regarding French language and culture.

The department offers French at a general level allowing students to add a qualification in their CV. The department endeavors to strike the balance between cultural aspects and professional needs with the help of syllabus and extra-curricular activities. The department aims at equipping students with basic skills to stand out in their professional pursuit.

With innovative ways to evaluate students’ linguistic competence, it constantly motivates students to explore France and the French language through assignments and co-curricular activities.

Department Highlights

  • One of the oldest department in Pune
  • The Successful exchange programmes with French schools in past.
  • One of the few colleges which offer French at the undergraduate level in Pune.
  • Students with a diverse background allow a wide spectrum of academic activities.

  • Major Features of the courses:

  • Introduction of practical to develop students’ communication skills in French.

  • The criterion reference evaluation: to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of a student.

  • Innovative ways of evaluation are employed to test and generate interest among students to explore French language and its rich culture.

  • An effort to strike the balance between the market needs and cultural needs.

  • The courses are designed to fulfil expectations of students of Arts, Science, Technology and Commerce.

  • Details of subjects offered by the department

    YearSemesterNature of SubjectSubject TitleCredits
    F.Y.B.A.ISkill Enhancement Course (SEC)Developing listening and speaking skills in French2
    F.Y.B.Sc.IOpen Elective (OE)Basic Course in French for Science2
    F.Y.B.Sc.IOEBasic Course in French for IT sector2
    F.Y.B.A.IIMinorBasic Course in French2
    F.Y.B.Sc.IIOEElementary Course in French for Science2
    FY.B.Sc. / F.Y.B.Com.IIOEBasic Course in Business French2
    F.Y.B.A.IISECFrench for Tourism Sector2
    S.Y.B.A.IIICCIntermediate French3
    S.Y.B.A.IVCCIntermediate French3
    T.Y.B.A.VCCUpper Intermediate French3
    T.Y.B.A.VICCUpper Intermediate French3

    Upcoming courses:

  • The French Studies courses offer a brief study of French culture and civilisation along with the French language.

  • Introduction to Translation. [SEC]

  • Introduction to Technical Translation [Open Elective] for Science, Engineering and Commerce students.

  • French Studies courses offering brief study of French culture and civilisation along with French language.

  • Head of department

    Head of department

    Mr. Mayur Sanjay Gohad

    M.A. in French, NET, M.A. in Linguistics

    Head & Assistant Professor in French

    Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationProfile link
    1Mr. Mayur Sanjay GohadHead & Assistant Professor in Frenchclick here


  • Publishing a magazine in French highlighting major events in France and France, its contents are prepared by the students of French.

  • Workshop for betterment of French pronunciation

  • Arranging small presentations by the students of French on different topics regarding French culture, civilization and language discussed in textbook.

  • T.Y. B.A. students conduct some lectures of F.Y B.A. students of French.

  • Programmes organised by the department

  • The department organises ‘le tour de Wadia’ for first year students where they are given a guided tour about the campus in French.

  • 7 February 2019: the department conducted an interactive session with Jean Michel Gazeau, a French guide and later he gave a presentation on his native region – ‘Le Pays de la Loire’ which is famous for its antique castles.

  • The department conducted one programme on a literary movement called ‘Le Mouvement Parnassien’ of mid nineteenth century in France on September 5, 2018.

  • The department of French and Department of German jointly organized a programme “Building a Bridge over Rhine” on Wednesday, January 24, 2017 to portray the different cultural aspects of Germany and France.

  • A series of programmes under the title La Promonade en France- the stroll in France, was organized in Feb 2016.

  • A lecture on “Avignon’s Theatre Festival” by Prof. Madhav Vaze on September 1, 2015.

  • A lecture on “Opportunities in French language” by Prof. Anjali Paranjpye was organized on February 9,2015.

  • A series of programmes under the title La Promonade en France- the stroll in France, was organized in Feb 2015.

  • Department of French organized an inter-disciplinary programme on Blaise Pascal- the French Mathematician, on March 15.