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    The Nowrosjee Wadia College, was established on July 21, 1932 within six months of the establishment of the Modern Education Society on February 15, 1932. True to Its credo ‘For the Spread of Light’, the college pioneered efforts to open the portals of higher education to the residents of eastern parts of Pune and pursued them tirelessly through the last eighty resplendent years. Over the years, it has become the first choice to acquire an all-round quality education for many promising young men and women all over the country and abroad.

    While Pune was known ever since the advent of the British rule as a prominent center of education, the eastern parts of the city were virtually devoid of any educational facilities.

    The matter of providing facilities for higher education in the eastern parts of Pune would have remained a distant dream had it not been for a group of prominent citizens in these parts and of devoted academicians in the city who clearly brought out to the public the need for a college in this part of the city. Among the important citizens of this part of Pune and the Cantonment who supported the idea were Sir Manekji Mehta, Prof. D. D. Kapadia, Shri A. B. Sethna, Rao Bahadur, Dr. R. K. Naidu, Dr. A. D’Gama and Sardar Mudaliar.

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