Student Development

Student Development Cell

Student Development Officer : Dr. V. T. Borkar

Introduction :

The Student Development Cell (SDC) supervises the Development activities of the students of the college. SDC promotes and co-ordinates the different student activities for better corporate life. SDC tries to nurture students' mental, physical, cultural growth with various activities to improve their overall personality and to make them civilized Indian citizens ready to compete in the globalized world.

  • Student Development Cell looks after the overall development of students and various student oriented activities.
  • Student Development Cell carries out student oriented activities. Earn and learn is one of the prominent activity.
  • Student Development Cell looks after the problems of students and protection of student rights.

  • As per U. G. C., Government of Maharashtra and SPPU guidelines a ‘Student Development Cell’ has been formed in the College. Following members have been appointed on the Committee:
    Sr. No.Name of the Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Prof. Dr. V. V. Chabukswar Incharge Principal & Chairperson
    2. Dr. B. B. Bahule Vice-Principal & Member
    3. Dr. V. T. Borkar Student Development Officer & Member
    4. Dr. Manjusha Musmade ( Female Teacher Representative ) Member
    5. Mrs. Amirah Kaiser ( Councellor ) Member
    6. Mr. Pravin Khandelwal (Social Worker ) Member
    7. Mr. Neeraj Bhagat Member
    8. Dr. Poonam Ponde Member
    9. Mrs. Pramila Dashture Member
    10. Dr. Somnath Waghmare Member
    11. Dr. Vikas Jadhav Member
    12. Dr.H.A. Lokhande Member
    13. Dr. Padmini Mane Member
    14. Dr. Vivek Antad Member
    15. Dr. Bharat Gabhale Member
    16. Mr. R. G. Tagade (Registrar) Member
    17 Student Council member ( To be appointed ) Member


  • Earn and learn scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of students coming from socially and economically weaker sections of the society. This scheme helps to develop work culture among the students.
  • Students are given work in various departments and offices.
  • Students working under this scheme are paid an honorarium of Rs.45 per hour.

    (This scheme is not compulsory. Economically weaker students are enrolled for this scheme. Students are required an Income Certificate from competent authorities. It is not a compulsory component of the syllabus and not a part of extra credit. Information of Students Development Board is given on the dashboard of the SPPU website.)

    Louis Braille Writers’ Club.

    Louis Braille Writers’ Club Co-ordinator : Prof. Neeraj Bhagat

    Louis Braille Writers’ Club has been established in the College to cater to the academic and cultural needs of the visually challenged and disabled students of the College. There are presently more than 50 visually impaired students study in various classes. ‘ The Louis Braille Writers’ Club has 60 members who help the visually impaired students by reading out to them their texts and primarily working as writers for them during the College and University examinations. This club provides writers for the visually impaired students of other colleges too. The club also organizes various activities for the visually impaired students such as cultural programs, welcome and farewell functions, seminars and workshops. Functions are also organized to pay tribute to Louis Braille on his Birth and Death anniversaries. The programs are entirely handled by visually impaired students. Prof. Neeraj Bhagat, the coordinator of this writer club and Dr. V. T. Borkar, Students’ Development Officer have been coordinating the activities of the club.

    The visually impaired students participate in various events like :

  • AIDS awareness workshop
  • Voter awareness drive
  • World Sight Day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of October. Eye donation Posters are displayed all over the campus.
  • International Day of persons with Disabilities is celebrated annually on 3 December with various activities like cultural, tree plantation by Disabled students.
  • Nowrosjee Wadia College is a prime destination for higher education to visually impaired students.
  • Visually impaired Students from various districts of Maharashtra come to study at Nowrosjee Wadia College.
  • The number of visually impaired students studying in Pune city under S.P.P.U is highest in Nowrosjee Wadia College.
  • Admission fees of visually impaired students are waived by the College or very nominal fees are taken from the visually impaired students depending on their needs.
  • Many facilities are provided to the visually impaired students.
  • A separate space is provided to handicapped and visually impaired students.
  • Ramps are constructed in all buildings for easy access to visually impaired students.
  • Audio clips of various subject notes are installed in the computer center.

    Computer Lab for Visually Impaired Students.

  • A computer lab has been set up in the College for visually impaired students in association with theTechnical Training Institute of The Poona Visually Impaired Men’s Association.
  • A MOU has been signed between Nowrosjee Wadia College and Technical Training Institute of The Poona Visually Impaired Men’s Association.
  • Ten Computers are made available to the visually impaired students.
  • A full-time computer trainer has been appointed to impart skills of computer handling to become self-dependent to the visually impaired students.
  • A six month certificate course in computer training is conducted for visually impaired students. After completing the Course, students get certificates from S.P.P.U.


  • Apart from regular scholarships sponsored by the state and central government, Students Development Cell helps students to get scholarships sponsored by S.P.P.U., N.G.O. and Corporate Social Responsibility Funds.
  • S.P.P.U. Awards various scholarships to socially, economically weaker students as well as to meritorious students.
  • Visually Impaired Foundation, Chennai awards scholarships to visually impaired students of the College.
  • Every Year Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited awards scholarships to socially weaker students and those with with disabilities.

    Educational and Skill Developing Workshops

    Board of Students’ Development, SPPU and Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune jointly organize various Educational and Skill Developing Intercollegiate Workshops for students every year.

    Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan

    Board of Students’ Development, SPPU and Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune jointly organize Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan, Gender Equality and Self-Defense training for students every year.

    Equal Opportunity Cell
    Sr. No.Name of Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Dr. Abhijeet Limaye Member
    2. Mr. N. K. Bhagat Member
    3. Dr. Atmaram Andhale Member
    4. Dr. Nilesh Mundlik Member
    5. Dr. Smita Deore Member
    6. Dr. Shashikant Shinde Member
    7. Dr. Milind Narawade Member
    8. Ms. Snehal Avhad Member
    9. Dr. V. T. Borkar ( SDO ) Member
    Anti Ragging Squad

  • Information Officer : Dr. Nilesh Mundlik

    The college has appointed an admission co-ordinator for the convinience to the students in the admission procedure and other related queries of students.

    Anti-Ragging Committee.

    As per U. G. C., Government of Maharashtra and SPPU guidelines ‘Anti Ragging Committee’ has been formed in the College.

    Following members of the staff have been appointed on the Committee:

    Sr. No. Name of Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Prof. Dr. V. V. Chabukswar Incharge Principal & Chairperson
    2. Dr. S. S. Boxwala Kale Vice Principal & Member
    3. Dr. Anargha Dhorde ( Female Teacher Representative ) Member
    4. Sr. P. I. Koregaon Park Police Station Member
    5. Mr. Vicky Pathare – Journalist Member
    6. Sachin Punekar ( NGO Representative ) Member
    7. Mr. D. V. Sangalgile Member
    8. Mr. N. K. Bhagat Member
    9. Dr. V. T. Borkar ( SDO ) Member
    10. Mr. R. G. Tagade (Office Representative ) Member
    11. Student Representative ( To be appointed ) Member
    Anti Ragging Squad

    As per U. G. C., Government of Maharashtra and SPPU guidelines ‘Anti Ragging Squad’ has been formed in the College.

    Following members of the staff have been appointed on the Committee:

    Sr. No.Name of Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Mr. N. K. Bhagat Co-ordinator
    2. Dr. K.S. Bhosale Member
    3. Dr. Vikas Jadhav Member
    4. Dr. Anita Deshpande Member
    5. Ms. Sonali More-Madhale Member
    6. Dr. Vivek Antad Member
    7. Dr. Komal Dhumal Member
    8. Mr. Ram Kolapkar Member
    9. Mr. Nitin Rode Member
    10. Mr. Kishor Kale Member
    11. Dr. V. T. Borkar ( SDO ) Member
    A Student Grievance Redressal Committee

    As per U. G. C., Government of Maharashtra and SPPU guidelines ‘A Student Grievance Redressal Committee’ has been formed in the College.

    Following members of the teaching staff have been appointed on the Committee:

    Sr. No.Name of Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Prof. C. S. Nimkar Co-ordinator
    2 Dr. Manjusha Musmade Member
    3. Ms. Sonali More-Madhale Member
    4. Mr. Neeraj Bhagat Member
    5. Dr. Latpate S. G. Member
    6. Dr. Kishor Bhosale Member
    7. Dr. V. T. Borkar ( SDO ) Member
    8. Rushikesh Sawant ( ST Y. B. Sc.) Member
    9. Triguni Bendre ( T. Y. B.A. International Player ) Member
    10. Madonna D’suza ( T. Y. B. Sc.) Member
    11. Ms. Suvarna Late Member
    12. Mr. Satish Gogawale Member
    13. P. I. Koregaon Park Police Station Member
    Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

    Internal Complaints committee (ICC) and prevention of Sexual Harassment against Women at Workplace Act 2013- A committee for 'Sexual Harassment at workplace’ is constituted to protect the staff and students against any kind of sexual harassment in the College premises. Awareness is created among the staff and students which confers a feeling of security and confidence among them. Regular meeting of ICC are held as the need also, various programmes are organised for the same. Continuous vigilance by college authorities is ensured to maintain discipline. Closed-circuit cameras have been installed in various places for surveillance.

    As per the Honorable Supreme Court order, the college has established an internal Complaint Committee for ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013’. The members are as under:

    Sr. No.Name of Committee MemberDesignation
    1. Prof. Dr. V. V. Chabukswar Incharge Principal & Chairperson
    2. Dr. Mrs. M. A. Musmade Co-ordinator 9881340725
    3. Adv. Sadhana Ambike Member
    4. Dr. Jyoti Aniruddha Member
    5. Dr. Hanumant Lokhande Member
    6. Mrs. Snehal Latpate Member
    7. Mr. R. G. Tagade, Registrar Member
    Counseling Cell

    There is a counseling cell which provides psychological suppport to the students and staff in need. It is looked after by Mrs. Amirah kaiser (Counseller).

    The cell provides Psychological Testing and Counseling. Teachers are trained to act as mentors to students through special workshops conducted by the Counseller. For personal counseling, relationship, emotional and adjustment problems etc.students are free to approach the centre. Problems requiring urgent attention are handled by a Senior Counselor.

    Medical Facilities

    The Nowrosjee Wadia college has its own dispensary where the medical facilities exist for the students and staff members free of charge. A duly-qualified staff and proper stock of medicines have been ensured by the college authorities. In addition to the day-to-day attendance to ailments, special attention is paid to the health of the students.

    The medical room of Nowrosjee Wadia College provides first-aid facilities for students and members of staff who are in need of the same. All the F.Y.B.A., F.Y.B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., B.Lib.Sc. Students and Hostilities will have to compulsorily undergo a medical checkup as per the University directive. The Schedule of the Medical check-up is notified after the commencement of the first term. Nowrosjee Wadia College Pune authorities have also made available the services of the Honorary Medical Officer who shall be available on the premises regularly.


    At Nowrosjee Wadia College, we believe that the meritorious students should be rewarded and should not be left out of the main stream in their quest for higher education. Scholarships at the college are provided to the outstanding students. Thus, to recognize talent of meritorious and needy students, the college has provision of scholarships, medals, awards and certificates. Various prizes have been instituted by Alumni, Stakeholders, Community representatives, Retired Professors and also by various Departments so as to encourage the students to do well. Our College receives financial support from the Central and State governments in the form of various freeships, scholarships (MahaDBT from state Government), Savitribai Phule University scholarship (Arthik Durbal, Chhatrapati Shahu, Gunwant Vidyarthi, Anna Bhau Sathe and Savitribai Phule scholarship, which is only for girls) and a few Corporate Scholarships, which were given to students of various SC, ST, OBC, NT and EBC categories. Apart from state and centre Goverment scholarships students developmemt cell helps student to get scholarships sponsered by NGO and Corporate Social responsibility Funds. Many Students also received national and international scholarships.

    Information regarding the scholarships and the process of application are put up on the college notice boards. Students are advised to read the same periodically. Click here for information regarding Government of Maharashtra Scholarships.


    Associate NCC Officer: Lt. Vikas S. Jadhav
    Associate NCC Officer: Lt. Cdr. Pramod N. Shinde
    Associate NCC Officer: Fg. Offr. Vivek V. Antad


    Marching with the motto of N.C.C., which is Unity and Discipline, the N.C.C. units at Nowrosjee Wadia College have emerged as a throbbing and dynamic zone for the sustained leadership and social outreach programs. Presently, the college has concurrently established a Naval Wing (3 MAH NAVAL UNIT PUNE) and an Army Wing (2 MH BN NCC PUNE). More than 80 cadets from Army Wing and 35 cadets from Navy Wing are currently enrolled here. In addition, 09 Air Force Wing cadets of this college are presently enrolled in 3 MAH AIR SQN NCC PUNE, which is an open Air Force Wing NCC unit, established in Pune. Many of our cadets have been selected for “All India Best Cadet Award” at Republic Day Camps in last few years and they have also been selected for prestigious national camps such as Youth Exchange Program, Over Seas Deployment Camps, Scuba Diving Camps, Thal Sainik Camps, Nau Sainik Camps and Vayu Sainik Camps etc.

    National and Local Organization of N.C.C.


    NCC was created on 15 July 1948 under an Act of Parliament, which over the years, has outstandingly contributed in the social and defence sector of the country through highly motivated and disciplined cadets of schools and colleges. As N.C.C. focuses on the character building and the leadership of an individual in all walks of life, it promotes the spirit of patriotism and national integration amongst the youth of the country. Following are the aims of N.C.C. as prescribed by the DGNCC, New Delhi:

  • To develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of selfless service in the youth of this country.
  • To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth, and regardless of which career they choose, become leader in all walks of life to serve the our nation.
  • To provide an environment conductive to motivated young pupil to choose the Armed Forces as a career.

    There are a number of incentives that motivates students to become cadets. Besides being an additional merit while seeking to join the forces or taking up other jobs, NCC also motivates cadets to perform to their best by offering scholarships, cash awards, prizes, medals, trophies etc.

  • N.C.C. at Nowrosjee Wadia College:

    Nowrosjee Wadia College proudly supports N.C.C. cadets and their activities. We encourage students to join N.C.C. and in turn avail the personal as well as carrier oriented benefits. All three wings of N.C.C. at our college select candidates through rigorous selection procedures such as physical test, written examination, and personal interview etc. Selected candidates, over next three years, are trained for various service and institutional N.C.C. activities such as physical training, drill, sport, N.C.C. syllabus etc and then encouraged for prestigious training camps viz. Republic Day Parade, Thal Sena Camp, Nau Sainik Camp, Vayu Sainik Camp, Special National Integration Camps, Annual Training Camps, Rifle Shooting Competitions, Rock-Climbing Camps and Leadership Camps. Other than this, our highly motivated cadets rigorously participate in the exhaustive Social Drives namely Cleanliness Drive, Blood Donations Camps, Anti-Drug Rally, Assistance to the Police Department, Tree Plantation, Adult Education, Women Safety Rally, AIDS Awareness Rally etc. During Covid-19 pandemic, 15 cadets from Army Wing, 09 cadets from Naval Wing and 06 cadets from Air Force Wing courageously participated in the ‘Covid Yogdan Activity’ where they were appointed at different Covid Vaccination Centres in PMC and PCMC areas to assist the Covid Warriors.

    Achievements of our N.C.C. cadets:

    1. CDT Senior Under Officer Tejal Khandebharad, CDT Capt Alpana Singh, and CDT Warrent Officer Shantanu Misar successfully participated in Republic Day Parade 2022 and contributed immensely in winning the “Best Directorate Award” to Maharashtra Directorate in the year 2021-2022.
    2. CDT WO Kartikay Gautam was selected by Indian Air Force through N.C.C. Special Entry Scheme for training at Air Force Academy (AFA) (2021)
    3. CDT Aman Modi was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2020)
    4. SUO Deshratan Pandey was selected by Indian Army for training at Indian Military Academy (IMA) (2017)
    5. CDT Sangram Bondage was selected by Indian Navy for training at Indian Naval Academy (INA) (2016)
    6. CDT Haribabu Kamanboina was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2016)
    7. JUO Ajay Santosh was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2016)
    8. CQMS Vikrant Golahar was selected by Indian Army for training at Indian Military Academy (IMA) (2015)

    Awards earned by our N.C.C. cadets:

    1. CDT SUO Tejal Khandebharad participated in the PM Rally during Republic Day Parade (2022) and was also selected for briefing to Mr. Bhagatsingh Koshyari, Governer (Maharashtra), about Maharashtra Directorate Contingent selected for Republic Day Parade (2022)
    2. CDT Capt Alpana Singh participated in the prestigious event of Rajpath Parade and in the Line Area Competition during RDC-2022
    3. CDT WO Shantanu Misar bagged 4th place in ‘All India RDC Best Cadet Award’ during Republic Day Parade (2022)
    4. CDT WO Kartikay Gautam won the ‘All India Best Cadet Award’ at Republic Day Parade (2019)
    5. CDT CAPT Anupriya Vankhede won the ‘Gold Medal’ at Inter-Directorate Shooting Competition in All India G.V. Malvankar Trophy Camp (2019)
    6. PO CDT Manish Singh won the ‘Bronz Medal’ at Republic Day Camp in All India Ship Modelling Competition (2019)
    7. SWO Sonal Dalimbe won ‘Best Cadet of Maharashtra Contingent’ award at Republic Day Camp (2019)
    8. CDT Aditya Patil won ‘Gold Medal’ in Control Line Aero Modelling at All India Vayu Sainik Camp (2018)
    9. CDT CAPT Omkar Vhatkar received the ‘Best Cadet Award’ at GPHQ, Pune (2018)

    NCC Training Activities

    Training Activities

    1. Institutional Training
    2. Camp Training
    3. Sports
    4. Adventure Activities
    5. Social Service & Community Development

    Our N.C.C. Cadets selected for Prestigious National Camps:

    Year 2019-2020

    Name of the CadetCamp Attended
    SUO Sidhesh Sawant Basic Leadership Camp (Nagpur) and Advanced Leadership Camp (Gujarat)
    JUO Shubham Sharma West Zone Shooting Coaching Capsule Camp (Gujarat)
    CQMS Ashish Anju Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)
    SGT S. Anjali Inter-District Shooting Competition (West Bengal)
    CDT Kapil Gawas Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)
    CDT Shaurya Singh Inter-District Shooting Competition (West Bengal)
    CDT Neha Salunkhe Thal Sainik Camp IGC Level (Pune)
    CDT Saurav Kshirsagar Sardar Patel Narmada Trek Camp (Gujrat)
    CDT Aakash Jadhav Army Attachement Camp (Pune)
    CDT Samiksha Joshi CATC-2 Thal Sainik Camp (A’Nagar)
    CDT K. Suraj Kumar Thal Sainik Camp IGC Level (Pune)
    CDT CAPT Akash Limkar Advanced Leadership Camp (Agartala)
    CDT Om Jawalkar Scuba Diving Camp (Mumbai)
    CDT Praveen Mane Special National Integration (Leh)
    CDT CAPT Anupriya Wankhede All India G.V. Malvankar Trophy Camp
    CDT Sakshi Lanjekar Indian Navy Attachment Camp (INA Ezhimala)
    PO CDT Manish Singh Republic Day Camp (Delhi)
    CDT Ankit Bhadauriya Republic Day Camp (Delhi)
    LEAD CDT Pratik Sable Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)NTURE CAMPS
    CDT Navin Kujur West Zone Shooting Coaching Capsule Camp (Gujarat)
    LEAD CDT Snehal Chaudhary Basic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
    PO Kranti Nagpure Basic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
    CDT Kshitij Sonawane Advanced Leadership Camp (Gujarat)
    CDT Shreya Chandankar Most Enterprising Naval Camp (Ratnagiri)
    SWO Sonal Dalimbe Youth Exchange Program (Bangladesh)
    SUO Shyam Aglave Youth Exchange Program (Bangladesh)
    CDT Kartikey Gautam Youth Exchange Program (Kazakistan)
    SUO Sakshi Attri Air Force Attachment Camp (H’bad)
    CDT CPL Pratiksha Jadhav All India Vayu Sainik Camp (Jodhapur)
    CDT Aditya Patil Air Force Attachment (Bidar)
    CDT Saurabh Yadav Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Uttarakhand)
    CDT Tarun Pathania Advanced Leadership Camp (Coimbatore)
    CDT Mihir Vaidya Basic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)

    Year 2018-2019

    Name of the CadetCamp attended
    CPL Sidhhesh Sawant Thal Sainik Camp (New Delhi)
    CDT Tejashree Kale Para Basic Camp Course (Agra)
    CPL Mayur Chaudhary All India Trekking Expedition Camp (Tirupati)
    CDT Shubham Sharma All India Trekking Expedition Camp (Tirupati)
    CQMS Shailesh Maurya National Integration Camp (Aurangabad)
    SGT Seema Devi Hospital Attachment Camp (Command Hospital, Pune)
    CDT Shaurya Singh Independence Day Sports Camp (Chandigarh)

    Benefits of NCC

    ‘C’ Certificate Holders have taken part in Republic Day Parade, at New Delhi: NCC Cadets holding ‘C’ Certificate and taken part in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi will now be exempted from CEE (Common Entrance Examination) for recruitment into Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical /Soldier Technical and Soldier Nursing Assistant and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE. Such candidates have to pass Pulmonary Function Tests, Pre-medical Test and undergo medical examination to get enrolled.

    Incentives are being provided to NCC Certificate holders

    NCC Certificate holders
    Sr. No. NCC Certificate SoldierGD Category Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Technical TradesmenCategory
    1 A Certificate 05 Marks 05 Marks 05 Marks
    2 B Certificate 10 Marks 10 Marks 10 Marks
    Sr. No.Vacancies Reserve ForRemarks
    a. Commission in Defence Forces Training Academies (a) Army: 100 per year in Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai for Short Service Commission Non Technical, No UPSC Exam, only SSB. (b) Navy: 6 per Course. No UPSC Exam, only Naval SSB. (c) IAF: 10% in all courses including Flying Training courses. No UPSC Exam, only Air Force SSB.
    b. For Ors, Sailors, Airmen 2 to 10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
    c. Department of Telecommunication Bonus marks awarded for recruitment
    d. CRPF NCC Cadets holding third division degree eligible for recruitment to gazette post.
    e. Industry Some Industries give preference to NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for various jobs.

    Cadets Achievements

    Training Year: 2018-19

    1. JUO Ganesh Lakde represented Maharashtra Directorate in the All India Republic Day, 2019.
    2. LCPL Sagar Nale represented Maharashtra Directorate in the All India Republic Day, 2019.
    3. Cadet Laxmee Mehra represented Maharashtra Directorate in the All India National Thal Sainik Camp.
    4. Cadet Santosh Mahajanwad selected and participated in the Thal Sainik Camp at IGC Level held at Amravati, Maharashtra and won 1 Gold Medal in Tent Pitching.
    5. SGT Ashish Buchade represented Pune Group in PRE Republic Day Camp held at Pune, Maharashtra.
    6. Cadet Pratik Khedekar & Cadet Krishana Thakare participated in National Trekking which was held at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh in which Cadet Krishana Thakare won 1 Gold Medal in Dance competition.
    7. Cadet Pratik Patil represented Maharashtra Directorate at the National Integration Camp held at Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
    8. SUO Sonia Kadam won 1 Gold Medal for Best Anchoring and 1 Gold Medal as All Rounder in the CATC.
    9. CSM Shradha Gaikwad won 1 gold Medal as Best Cadet in the CATC.
    10. Cadet Ravina Chavan won 1 Gold Medal in Panner Competition in the CATC.
    11. Cadet Vaishnavi Awale won 4 Gold Medals in the Piloting, Cultural, Best Buddy and Best Cadet Competitions respectively in the CATC.
    12. Cadet Rahual Yadav secured 1st position in Volleyball in the CATC.
    13. SGT Ashish Buchade won 2 Gold Medal, 1 Siliver Medal in the Drill Competition and 1 Gold Medal in Guard of Honor in Pre-RD Camp.
    14. Cadet Neha Dubey won 1 Gold Medal in Group Discussion, 1 Gold Medal in Extempore, 1 Silver Medal in 100 mts 1 Silver in 400 mts and First Position in Throw ball in the CATC./
    15. Cadet Rutuja Mali got 1 Gold Medal in Piloting, and 1 Silver Medal in 100 mts in the CATC.
    16. Cadet Sai More got 1 gold Medal in Piloting in the CATC.
    17. Cadet Sumit Sonawane got 1 Gold Medal in Special Talent in the CATC.
    18. Cadet Bipeen Dubey got 1 Gold Medal as Best Cadet in the CATC.
    19. Cadet Piyush Hinwar got 1 Silver Medal in 100 mts and Secured 1st position in Volleyball in the CATC.

    Glimpses of N.C.C. at Nowrosjee Wadia College


    Programe Officers : Dr. Somnath Waghmare

    1. National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) unit in Nowrosjee Wadia College has been actively functioning since long time. From its establishment it has been trying sincerely to meet the needs and requirements of various students and peoples from different walks of life.
    2. It is a voluntary association of young, dynamic and socially active college students to work for campus-community associations. The overall aim of N.S.S is to develop student’s personality through community services.
    3. The National Service Scheme unit of Nowrosjee Wadia College offers a platform to the students for community work and developing a wisdom of involvement in the different tasks of nation building activities. NSS volunteers work to confirm that a needy get help to enhance their living standard. A variety of activities are organized every year to streamline the energy and idealism of the younger generation into creative quests. N.S.S. volunteers educate students and society peoples regarding many issues like personal health, sanitation, gender sensitization, environmental awareness etc. Various health camps and cleanliness drives across the college campus and areas nearby are taken out regularly to create awareness and also to motivate people to work towards a clean and safe environment. The N.S.S. unit also organizes various events for inculcating the values of selfless service to society and brotherhood among all volunteers by taking students out of their comfort zones and allowing them to involve at the various grassroots level problems of society

    The NSS Badge :

    Aim and Objectives

    1. Understand the community in which they work.
    2. Understand themselves in relation to their community
    3. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process
    4. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
    5. Utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
    6. Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities
    7. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation

    Motto :

    The motto of National Service Scheme is NOT ME BUT YOU . Benefits of Being a NSS Volunteer: A NSS volunteer who takes part in the community service programme would either be a college level or a senior secondary level student. Being an active member these student volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be the following

    1. An accomplished social leader
    2. An efficient administrator
    3. A person who understands human nature

    The Events Organized

    The National Service Scheme unit of college functions under the guidance of a programme officer. Some of the major events of the NSS Unit are.

    Special Camp, Winter camp, Savidhan Day, HIV Aids Awareness Program, Road Safety Abhiyan Rally and Awareness, Student volunteers as “Police Mitra” Blood donation camps, Vaccination camp, Voter Awareness Program, N.S.S. foundation day celebrations, Birth anniversaries and death anniversaries of popular and social activists.etc.

    As per the Under graduate choice based credit system for undergraduate students effective from June 2019, N.S.S. students after participating in camp get 01 credits while N.S.S. students with Republic Day pared participation can earn 04 credits.

    Sr. No.Place of CampDuration
    1 Naigaon 2018-2019
    2 Padwi 2019-2020
    3 No Camp due to COVID19 2020-2021
    4 Dongargaon 2021-2022

    Glimpses of N.S.S. at Nowrosjee Wadia College