Associate NCC Officer: Lt. Vikas S. Jadhav (Army Wing)
Associate NCC Officer: Lt. Cdr. Pramod N. Shinde (Navy Wing)
Associate NCC Officer: Fg. Offr. Vivek V. Antad (Air Wing)


Marching with the motto of N.C.C., which is Unity and Discipline, the N.C.C. units at Nowrosjee Wadia College have emerged as a throbbing and dynamic zone for the sustained leadership and social outreach programs. Presently, the college has concurrently established a Naval Wing (3 MAH NAVAL UNIT PUNE) and an Army Wing (2 MH BN NCC PUNE). More than 80 cadets from Army Wing and 35 cadets from Navy Wing are currently enrolled here. In addition, 09 Air Force Wing cadets of this college are presently enrolled in 3 MAH AIR SQN NCC PUNE, which is an open Air Force Wing NCC unit, established in Pune. Many of our cadets have been selected for “All India Best Cadet Award” at Republic Day Camps in last few years and they have also been selected for prestigious national camps such as Youth Exchange Program, Over Seas Deployment Camps, Scuba Diving Camps, Thal Sainik Camps, Nau Sainik Camps and Vayu Sainik Camps etc.

National and Local Organization of N.C.C.


NCC was created on 15 July 1948 under an Act of Parliament, which over the years, has outstandingly contributed in the social and defence sector of the country through highly motivated and disciplined cadets of schools and colleges. As N.C.C. focuses on the character building and the leadership of an individual in all walks of life, it promotes the spirit of patriotism and national integration amongst the youth of the country. Following are the aims of N.C.C. as prescribed by the DGNCC, New Delhi:

  • To develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of selfless service in the youth of this country.
  • To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth, and regardless of which career they choose, become leader in all walks of life to serve the our nation.
  • To provide an environment conductive to motivated young pupil to choose the Armed Forces as a career.

    There are a number of incentives that motivates students to become cadets. Besides being an additional merit while seeking to join the forces or taking up other jobs, NCC also motivates cadets to perform to their best by offering scholarships, cash awards, prizes, medals, trophies etc.

    1. N.C.C. at Nowrosjee Wadia College:

      Nowrosjee Wadia College proudly supports N.C.C. cadets and their activities. We encourage students to join N.C.C. and in turn avail the personal as well as carrier oriented benefits. All three wings of N.C.C. at our college select candidates through rigorous selection procedures such as physical test, written examination, and personal interview etc. Selected candidates, over next three years, are trained for various service and institutional N.C.C. activities such as physical training, drill, sport, N.C.C. syllabus etc and then encouraged for prestigious training camps viz. Republic Day Parade, Thal Sena Camp, Nau Sainik Camp, Vayu Sainik Camp, Special National Integration Camps, Annual Training Camps, Rifle Shooting Competitions, Rock-Climbing Camps and Leadership Camps. Other than this, our highly motivated cadets rigorously participate in the exhaustive Social Drives namely Cleanliness Drive, Blood Donations Camps, Anti-Drug Rally, Assistance to the Police Department, Tree Plantation, Adult Education, Women Safety Rally, AIDS Awareness Rally etc. During Covid-19 pandemic, 15 cadets from Army Wing, 09 cadets from Naval Wing and 06 cadets from Air Force Wing courageously participated in the ‘Covid Yogdan Activity’ where they were appointed at different Covid Vaccination Centres in PMC and PCMC areas to assist the Covid Warriors.

      Distinguished Achievements of our N.C.C. Cadets:

      1. CDT Joydeep Biswas selected for training at OTA Chennai (2022-23)
      2. SUO Akash Swami was selected Batallion Senior Under Officer of 2 MAH BN PUNE unit (2022-23)
      3. SCC Prem Ganeshkar and SCC Rohit Rewane successfully completed the Republic Day Camp (RDC) 2023 at New Delhi
      4. SCC Prem Ganeshkar represented Maharashtra Directctorate in cultural event and Flag Area event at RDC 2023
      5. CC Kritik Pujari successfully completed the prestigious All India Nau Sainik Camp (AINSC 2022-23) at Vishakhapatanam, AP
      6. CWO Navnath Gangane successfully completed the prestigious All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC 2022-23)
      7. Cadet Onkar Tambe successfully completed the prestigious All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC 2022-23)
      8. CDT Senior Under Officer Tejal Khandebharad, CDT Capt Alpana Singh, and CDT Warrent Officer Shantanu Misar successfully participated in Republic Day Parade 2022 and contributed immensely in winning the “Best Directorate Award” to Maharashtra Directorate in the year 2021-2022.
      9. CDT WO Kartikay Gautam was selected by Indian Air Force through N.C.C. Special Entry Scheme for training at Air Force Academy (AFA) (2021)
      10. CDT Aman Modi was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2020)
      11. SUO Deshratan Pandey was selected by Indian Army for training at Indian Military Academy (IMA) (2017)
      12. CDT Sangram Bondage was selected by Indian Navy for training at Indian Naval Academy (INA) (2016)
      13. CDT Haribabu Kamanboina was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2016)
      14. JUO Ajay Santosh was selected by Indian Army for training at Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) (2016)
      15. CQMS Vikrant Golahar was selected by Indian Army for training at Indian Military Academy (IMA) (2015)

      Awards earned by our N.C.C. Cadets:

      1. CSM Omkar Lashkare, Cdt. Aditya Mhaske & Cdt. Suraj More attended the Army Attachment Camp at 8 Mahar Regiment, Aundh Military Station (2022-23)
      2. SGT. Dhiraj Sawant, Cdt. Gaurav Shinde & Cdt. Rohan Sarode attended the Army Attachment Camp at the Guards Regimental Centre in Kamptee, Nagpur (2022-23)
      3. SUO Akash Swamy attended the Special SSB capsule and was best performer of MAH DTE (2022-23)
      4. JUO Nitesh Rana attended the Basic White Water Rafting Course (2022-23)
      5. Cdt Anushka Deokar attended Yatching Ragatta Training Camp at Peacock Bay, NDA Khadkwasla (2022-23)
      6. CSUO Shantanu attended Basic Leadership Camp (BLC) in Amravati, Maharashtra and was also selected further for Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC) in Thamna, Gujarat (2022-23)
      7. CWO Devanand Badar was selected for the Air Force Attachment Camp held at Air Force Academy, Dundigal, H'Bad (2022-23)
      8. Cdt Sakshi Kotwal participated in the Special National Integration Camp held at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (2022-23)
      9. CDT SUO Tejal Khandebharad participated in the PM Rally during Republic Day Parade (2022) and was also selected for briefing to Mr. Bhagatsingh Koshyari, Governer (Maharashtra), about Maharashtra Directorate Contingent selected for Republic Day Parade (2022)
      10. CDT Capt Alpana Singh participated in the prestigious event of Rajpath Parade and in the Line Area Competition during RDC-2022
      11. CDT WO Shantanu Misar bagged 4th place in ‘All India RDC Best Cadet Award’ during Republic Day Parade (2022)
      12. CDT WO Kartikay Gautam won the ‘All India Best Cadet Award’ at Republic Day Parade (2019)
      13. CDT CAPT Anupriya Vankhede won the ‘Gold Medal’ at Inter-Directorate Shooting Competition in All India G.V. Malvankar Trophy Camp (2019)
      14. PO CDT Manish Singh won the ‘Bronz Medal’ at Republic Day Camp in All India Ship Modelling Competition (2019)
      15. SWO Sonal Dalimbe won ‘Best Cadet of Maharashtra Contingent’ award at Republic Day Camp (2019)
      16. CDT Aditya Patil won ‘Gold Medal’ in Control Line Aero Modelling at All India Vayu Sainik Camp (2018)
      17. CDT CAPT Omkar Vhatkar received the ‘Best Cadet Award’ at GPHQ, Pune (2018)

      NCC Training Activities

      Training Activities

      1. Institutional Training
      2. Camp Training
      3. Sports
      4. Adventure Activities
      5. Social Service & Community Development

      Our N.C.C. Cadets selected for Prestigious National Camps:

      Year 2022-2023

      Name of the CadetCamp Attended
      SUO Akash SwamySpecial SSB Capsule
      JUO Ritesh RanaBasic and Advanced White Water Rafting Course Dirang Arunachal Pradesh
      CDT Abhinav KrishnanEBSB Panvel Mumbai
      CQMS Shruti NairEBSB Panvel Mumbai
      CSM Omkar LashkareArmy Attachment Camp (Aundh Military Station, Pune)
      CDT Aditya MhaskeArmy Attachment Camp (Aundh Military Station, Pune)
      CDT Suraj MoreArmy Attachment Camp (Aundh Military Station, Pune)
      CDT Gaurav ShindeArmy Attachment Camp (Guards regimental Centre, Nagpur)
      CDT Rohan SarodeArmy Attachment Camp (Guards regimental Centre, Nagpur)
      SGT Dhiraj SawantArmy Attachment Camp (Guards regimental Centre, Nagpur)
      SCC Prem GaneshkarRepublic Day Camp, 2022-23
      CC Kartik PujariAll India Nau Sainik Camp, Vishakhapatanam 2022-23
      CDT Shreya ChandankarMost Enterprising Naval Camp (Ratnagiri)
      AIR WING
      CSUO Shantanu MisarBasic and Advanced Leadership Camp 2022-23
      CWO Navnath GanganeAll India Vayu Sainik Camp Jodhapur (2022-23)
      CDT Sakshi KotwalSpecial NIC Jaisalmer
      CWO Devanand BadarAir Force Attachment Camp Dundigal H"bad 2022-23

      Year 2021-2022

      Name of the CadetCamp Attended
      CDT Akash SwamyIGC-RDC 2021-22
      SGT Abhijit KanseBasic Leadership Camp
      CQMS Tejas BelhekarSardar Patel Narmada Trek (Rajpipala, Gujarat))
      CDT Adarsh RathodSardar Patel Narmada Trek (Rajpipala, Gujarat))
      PO Kranti NagpureBasic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
      CDT Kshitij SonawaneAdvanced Leadership Camp (Gujarat)
      CDT Shreya ChandankarMost Enterprising Naval Camp (Ratnagiri)
      AIR WING
      CWO Tejal KhadebharadRepublic Day Camp (Jan 2022)
      CDT Shantanu MisarRepublic Day Camp (Jan 2022)
      CDT Navnath GanganeTrekking Expedition Camp (Belgum)
      CDT Devanand BadarIGC-RDC 2021

      Year 2019-2020

      Name of the CadetCamp Attended
      SUO Sidhesh SawantBasic Leadership Camp (Nagpur) and Advanced Leadership Camp (Gujarat)
      JUO Shubham SharmaWest Zone Shooting Coaching Capsule Camp (Gujarat)
      CQMS Ashish AnjuEk Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)
      SGT S. AnjaliInter-District Shooting Competition (West Bengal)
      CDT Kapil GawasEk Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)
      CDT Shaurya SinghInter-District Shooting Competition (West Bengal)
      CDT Neha SalunkheThal Sainik Camp IGC Level (Pune)
      CDT Saurav KshirsagarSardar Patel Narmada Trek Camp (Gujrat)
      CDT Aakash JadhavArmy Attachement Camp (Pune)
      CDT Samiksha JoshiCATC-2 Thal Sainik Camp (A’Nagar)
      CDT K. Suraj KumarThal Sainik Camp IGC Level (Pune)
      CDT CAPT Akash LimkarAdvanced Leadership Camp (Agartala)
      CDT Om JawalkarScuba Diving Camp (Mumbai)
      CDT Praveen ManeSpecial National Integration (Leh)
      CDT CAPT Anupriya WankhedeAll India G.V. Malvankar Trophy Camp
      CDT Sakshi LanjekarIndian Navy Attachment Camp (INA Ezhimala)
      PO CDT Manish SinghRepublic Day Camp (Delhi)
      CDT Ankit BhadauriyaRepublic Day Camp (Delhi)
      LEAD CDT Pratik SableEk Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Nagpur)NTURE CAMPS
      CDT Navin KujurWest Zone Shooting Coaching Capsule Camp (Gujarat)
      LEAD CDT Snehal ChaudharyBasic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
      PO Kranti NagpureBasic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
      CDT Kshitij SonawaneAdvanced Leadership Camp (Gujarat)
      CDT Shreya ChandankarMost Enterprising Naval Camp (Ratnagiri)
      SWO Sonal DalimbeYouth Exchange Program (Bangladesh)
      SUO Shyam AglaveYouth Exchange Program (Bangladesh)
      CDT Kartikey GautamYouth Exchange Program (Kazakistan)
      SUO Sakshi AttriAir Force Attachment Camp (H’bad)
      CDT CPL Pratiksha JadhavAll India Vayu Sainik Camp (Jodhapur)
      CDT Aditya PatilAir Force Attachment (Bidar)
      CDT Saurabh YadavEk Bharat Shreshta Bharat Camp (Uttarakhand)
      CDT Tarun PathaniaAdvanced Leadership Camp (Coimbatore)
      CDT Mihir VaidyaBasic Leadership Camp (Nagpur)
      NCC Certificate holders
      Sr. No.NCC CertificateSoldierGD CategorySoldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / TechnicalTradesmenCategory
      1A Certificate05 Marks05 Marks05 Marks
      2B Certificate10 Marks10 Marks10 Marks
      Sr. No.Vacancies Reserve ForRemarks
      a.Commission in Defence Forces Training Academies(a) Army: 100 per year in Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai for Short Service Commission Non Technical, No UPSC Exam, only SSB. (b) Navy: 6 per Course. No UPSC Exam, only Naval SSB. (c) IAF: 10% in all courses including Flying Training courses. No UPSC Exam, only Air Force SSB.
      b.For Ors, Sailors, Airmen2 to 10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
      c.Department of TelecommunicationBonus marks awarded for recruitment
      d.CRPFNCC Cadets holding third division degree eligible for recruitment to gazette post.
      e.IndustrySome Industries give preference to NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for various jobs.

      Glimpses of N.C.C. at Nowrosjee Wadia College upto 2021-22