About the Department

The Department of Geography was established in the year 1932. It is almost entirely housed within the main building (Arts Building), which is centrally located on the main campus. Members of the staff are involved in research across a spectrum of subjects that reflect breadth and topicality of the discipline and make use of range of field, laboratory and library based methodologies and techniques.

The Geography faculty at Nowrosjee Wadia College generates and transmits knowledge and theory associated with spatial system. These include the study of both human and physical branches of geography. The methods and interrelations between systems are taught at various levels of the undergraduate and post graduate classes. We are committed to the generation and transmission of geographic knowledge in the rich and varied forms that they assume. We make an effort to apply that knowledge as appropriate with the true Wadian spirit. We integrate geographic research, teaching and service in a manner that is relevant to the real-world & theoretical problems and strive for excellence in those pursuits.

The department is well equipped with infrastructure facility for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral research courses. There is a Geoinformatics lab with the support of adequate software base like ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, Global Mapper, Surfer and ILWIS.

Geography is an important optional subject at both under graduate and post graduate levels in Science and Arts Faculty. We Offer post graduate courses of M.A./M.Sc. with two specialization.

The department has Research center since 2012 with two research guides. PhD students have access to library and the well equipped Geoinformatics lab.

Courses conducted by the Department

  • B. A. Geography
  • M. A./ M. Sc. Geography
  • Ph. D. Geography

  • Highlights of Department

  • The department has been established since the college was founded in the year 1932.

  • Graduate level specialization in Geography started in 1984.

  • The Post Graduate programme was introduced in the year 2007.

  • Research Center started in the year 2012.

  • Innovative Practices

  • Hands on experience of Practical in Toposheet and Surveying by conducting village surveys to selected villages This is conducted by undergraduate and post graduate students.

  • Conducting visits to Indian Meteorological department weather station for under grad students to get the experience of working of a weather observatory.

  • Questionnaire distribution by students for collecting a sample of census data.

  • Arranging competitions like essay writing and ppt presentations on current geographical topics for creating awareness among students.

  • Head of Department

    Head of Department

    Dr. Mrs. Anargha Amit Dhorde

    Professor and Head, Department of Geography

    M. A. Geography (Geomorphology), S.P.P.U.

    Ph. D. in Geography, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, SET

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    Senior College Faculty

    Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationProfile link
    1Mr. Neeraj K. BhagatAssociate ProfessorClick Here
    2Mr. Shantaram KokateAssistant ProfessorClick Here
    3Mr. Yogesh N. PawarAssistant ProfessorClick Here
    4Mr. R. S. KolapkarAssistant ProfessorClick Here
    5Mrs. Rathod R. H.Assistant ProfessorClick Here

    Junior College Faculty

    Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationProfile Link

    Departmental Library

  • National Journals: 04 (Annual/Biannual Issues)

  • Reference Books: 106

  • Scientific Magazines: 98 Copies

  • Masters Dissertation Copies: 40

  • SOI Toposheets: 428

  • OS Toposheets: 20

  • Satellite images and aerial photographs

  • Geography Reference Books in Central Library: 911

  • Laboratories

  • Geomorphology Lab

  • Geoinformatics Lab

  • Cartography Lab

  • Physical Geography Lab

  • Research Lab

  • Study tour of UG & PG students

    Prize distribution ceremony

    Geographica inagural function

    Department Events & Activities

    Intercollegiate events are a high point for our institution. There are competitive events that are organized by several students’ clubs of the college. Departments also conduct intercollegiate programmes for students.

    Intercollegiate events are very important in building multiple skills and play an integral role in the collegiate experience. It not only provides entertainment and knowledge but also helps students develop organizing skills that include but are not limited to communication, marketing, public relations, networking, leadership, mentoring, conflict management and community building.

    Various activities are conducted by the department throughout the year. These include:

  • Study tours were arranged for S.Y.B.A, T.Y.B.A. and S.Y.B.Sc. students to various places like Karla caves, Bagdewadi,

  • Students of F.Y.B.Sc. were taken for an educational visit to to the Indian Meteorological department.

  • Study tours for XI th Arts and Science, F.Y.B.A/ B.Sc. / S.Y.B.Sc., M.A. / M.Sc. students

  • Socio-economic Village survey for T.Y.B.A. and M.A. / M.Sc. students.

  • Field work for Master Dissertation students.

  • Field trips to places of geographical importance- S.Y.B.A. /T.Y.B.A. /S.Y.B.Sc.

  • Visit to IMD, Pune by students of F.Y.B.Sc and T.Y.B.A. Participation of students in workshops and seminars, exhibitions Guest lectures, quiz competition for the students.

  • Annual geographical event ‘GEOGRAPHICA’ is held every year in the month of January. This event hosts number of activities like: PowerPoint presentation, Poster presentation, Rangoli Competition, Quiz competition, Model building, Photography exhibition.

    During Pandemic period, ‘Geographica’ was conducted in which various competitions like quiz, etc. were held. This year short term courses was held where expert speakers from different fields of Geography were invited to address the students of UG and PG.

  • Research Projects

    Major and Minor projects
    Major/ MinorPrincipal Investigator/ Co-investigatorFunding AgencyYearAmount (in Rs)
    MinorPrincipal Investigator Dr. (Mrs) U. R. KhareBCUD2013-152,60,000/-
    MajorPrincipal Investigator Dr. (Mrs) A. A. DhordeISRO2010-139,66,000/-
    MajorCo-Investigator Dr. (Mrs) A. A. DhordeUGC2010-136,80,000/-
    MajorCo-Investigator N. K. BhagatUGC2008-1110,67,800/-
    Research guides
    Guide NameDesignationNo. of Ph.D. DeclaredNo. of Ph.D. Ongoing
    Dr. Mrs. U. R. KhareProfessor--05
    Dr. Mrs. Anargha A. DhordeProfessor0402
    Details of Ph.D. awarded in Geography from the research centre: Department of Geography, Nowrosjee Wadia College, affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
    Sr. No.Name of StudentDeclaration DateResearch GuidePh.D. Topic
    1Mr. S. ThoratJuly 2020Dr. Rajendra SuryawanshiAssessment of Agro-tourism potential in Pune District: A geographical analysis.
    2Ms. Kopal KumarJanuary 2021Dr. Mrs. Anargha A. DhordeAssessment of the Impact of Land UseLand Cover Changes on Surface Runoff– A Case study of Pune City
    3Priti KhandareAugust 2021Dr. Mrs. Anargha A. DhordeAssessment of the Spatio-temporal Variations in Impervious Surfaces and Impact on the Water Quality: A case study of Thane city and its Suburbs
    4Barnali DasMarch 2022Dr. Mrs. Anargha A. DhordeEvaluation of the saltwater intrusion and salt tolerant vegetation species hot spot along the coastal tracts of Raigarh district, Maharashtra
    Details of the Research Scholars Pursuing Ph.D. in Geographyfrom the research centre: Department of Geography, Nowrosjee Wadia College, affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
    Sr. No.Name of StudentRegistration DateResearch GuidePh.D. Topic
    1Ms. Gauri Deshpande12 January 2016Dr. (Mrs) Anargha Dhorde“Simulation and Modelling of Surface Runoff in an Urbanizing Watershed Using Remotely Sensed Data: A Case Study of Bhima-Bhama-Indrayani Basin.”
    2Mr. Gaurav Gamre12 January 2016Dr. (Mrs) Anargha Dhorde“Morpho-Sedimentological Study of Barrier-Beach System Along Konkan Coast, Diveagar, Maharashtra.”
    3Mr. Bidkar Ramesh Manik12 September 2018Dr. Mrs. U. R. Khare“Impact Assessment of Watershed Development Programme: A Case Study of Daund Tehsil.”
    4Pragya Singh12 September 2018Dr. Mrs. U. R. Khare“Population Growth and Urbanization: A Geographical Study of Varanasi Urban Agglomeration.”
    5Deokar Bapu Dnyandeo12 September 2018Dr. Mrs. U. R. Khare“Rain Water Harvesting and Domestic Waste Water Assessment for Water Resources Optimization of Shrigonda Town.”
    6Ms. Madhavi Asha Budhram12 September 2018Dr. Mrs. U. R. Khare“Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Dimension of Child Mortality (0-5 Age group): A Case Study of Satara District, Maharashtra State.”
    7Sayan Roy28 February 2020Dr. Mrs. U. R. Khare“Assessment of Rural Urban Fringe of Pune Region.”


    Author(s)Publication YearTitleJournal DetailsImpact Factor
    Barnali Das and Anargha Dhorde*2022Assessment of shoreline change and its relation with Mangrove vegetation: A case study over North Konkan region of Raigad, Maharashtra, IndiaInternational Journal of Engineering and Geosciences, Vol. 7 (2), Pp. 101-111, https://doi.org/10.26833/ijeg.912657, (WOS)
    Barnali Das and Anargha Dhorde*2021Geostatistical approach to assess mangrove spatial variability: a bi-decadal scenario over Raigarh coast of MaharashtraJournal of Coastal Conservation, Vol. 25, PUB: Springer *Corresponding author, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11852-021-00813-8,1.839
    Kopal Kumar and Anargha* Dhorde2021Impact of Land use Land cover change on Storm Runoff Generation: A case study of suburban catchments of Pune, Maharashtra, India.Environment Development Sustainability, Vol. 23, 4559–4572 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10668-020-00787-x PUB: Springer *Corresponding author,3.219.
    Anargha Dhorde and Gauri Deshpande2020Comparison of Pixel-based and Object-oriented Classification Methods for Feature Extraction in Coastal Zone of Central Konkan, Maharashtra, IndiaJournal of Indian Geomorphology, Vol. 8, Pp. 49-63, ISSN: 2320-0731 (Scopus indexed).
    AnarghaDhorde, Gauri Deshpande, Kopal Kumar and RingmataiKhaleng2019Application of analytical hierarchical process technique for delineating potential groundwater recharge zones: A case study from urbanized basin of Maharashtra, India,Ajanta Journal, Vol VIII, issue I, Part II, ISSN 2277-5730
    Nisha Chavan, Anargha Dhorde*, Ram Kolapkar and Rajashree Shinde2019Levels of demographic development: A comparative study of Dapoli and Mandangad tehsils from Ratnagiri Districts, Maharashtra,Ajanta Journal, Vol VIII, issue I, Part II, ISSN 2277-5730 *Corresponding author
    Anargha Dhorde,Nisha Chavan and Ram Kolapkar2018Regional Disparities In The Socio-Economic Development of the Konkan Region, Maharashtra,International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology IJSRST 185101 | Published : 20 January 2018, Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Print ISSN: 2395-6011 | Online ISSN: 2395-602X
    Rina Fernandez and Anargha Dhorde2018Evaluation of Impervious surface growth: A case study of PMC region,Current Global Review, Special volume 1, (1), January 2018, pp. 13-19, ISSN 2319-8648,.
    Priti Khandare, Gauri Deshpande and Anargha Dhorde2018Assessment of the expansion of impervious surfaces: A case study of Thane Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra,Current Global Review, Special volume 1, (1), February 2018, pp. 20-25, ISSN 2319-8648,
    Anargha Dhorde, Nisha Chavan, Ram Kolapkar2018Regional Disparities In The Socio-Economic Development Ofthe Konkan Region, MaharashtraInternational Journal of Scientific Research of Science and Technology, ISSN 2395-602X, Vol. 5, issue 1
    Ram S. Kolapkar, Lalit M. Thakare2018Morphometric analysis of vincharna river watershed: a comparative study of the two different spatial datasets.International Research Journal of Geography Maharashtra BhugolshastraSanshodhanPatrika, ISSN 0971-6785, Vol. 35, issue 1
    Ram S. Kolapkar2019Functional Assessment of Urban Green Spaces (Ugs) on The Basis of Service AreaAayushi International Interdisciplinary Research Journal ( AIIRJ ), ISSN ISSN 2349-638x, Vol. 5 issue 54
    Nisha Chavan, AnarghaDhorde, Ram Kolapkar, Rajashree Shinde2019Levels of Demographic Development: A Cpmparitive Study of Dapoli and Madangad Tehsils from Ratnagiri District, MaharashtraAjanta, An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal, ISSN 2277-5730, Vol. 8 issue 1
    Gaikwad S. K.*, KandekarA. M., Raut T. P., et.al.2018Groundwater Quality Analysis of an Emerging Part of Suburb of Pune Metropolitan Region, Maharashtra, India using GIS and Remote Sensing TechniquesHydrospatial Analysis, 2(2), 91-101, 2018.

    Research Papers

    Following research papers have been jointly published by Dr U.R. Khare and Prajakta Thakur

    Sr. No.Title of PaperJournal & Year of Publication
    1Temporal Changes in Urban Population in Maharashtra state using GISICPCS-12 Excel Indian Publisher New Delhi 2012 ISBN- 978-93-82062-76-9
    2A Study of the changes in Land use Land Cover of selected Villages in the Peri- Urban Areas of Pune City using Remote Sensing and GISICPCS-12 Excel Indian Publisher New Delhi 2012 ISBN- 978-93-82062-76-9
    3Temporal Changes in Land Use/ Land Cover in the proximity of the IT Parks at Hinjewadi PuneIndian Journal of Regional Science Vol-XXXXV, No-2, 2013 ISSN-0046-9017 Impact Factor 1.74
    4Impact of IT Parks on Surrounding Villages Using Remote Sensing: A Comparative Study of Two IT Parks in PuneThematics Journal of Geography Vol-02, Issue 4, 2013 ISSN- 2277-2995 Impact Factor 5.255
    5Study Of Temporal Changes in Land Use/ Land Cover in The villages near IT Parks Using remote Sensing: A case study of Talwade IT ParkJournal of Geomatics Vol- 9 No-2, 2015 (ISSN:0976–1330)
    6Assessing the Impact of IT Parks on surrounding villages using GIS: A case study of Hinjewadi and Talwade IT Park PuneInternational Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences Vol-07, No- 1 20016 ISSN- 0976-4380
    7Urban Sprawl: A Temporal Study of the Impact of IT Parks in Pune Using Remote SensingTransactions. Journal of Institute of Indian Geographers. Vol- 38. No. 1 2016 ISSN – 0970-9851
    8Diversity in Peri Urban Area in a Globalised Landscape: Study of IT Parks in PuneInternational research Journal Review of Research Vol- 7, Issue 2, 2017 ISSSN 2249-894X Impact Factor – 5.2331 (UIF)
    9Regional disparities in Level of Development in Nashik District of MaharashtraResearch Journey International E- Research Journal Special issue 90A 2019 ISSN- 2348-7143 Impact Factor – 6.261
    10An Evaluation of Infrastructure Development and Planning for High Growth Nucleus of Hinjewadi IT ParkPeer Reviewed International Research Journal of Geography Maharashtra Bhogolshatra sanshodhan Partika Volume 36, No 1 Jan-Jun 2019 ISSN: 0971-6785 Impact Factor- 3.687
    11Integrated Townships in Pune: A Temporal study Using Remote Sensing techniquesInternational research Journal Review of Research Vol- 9, Issue 12, September 2020 ISSSN 2249-894X Impact Factor – 5.2331 (UIF)
    12An Assessment of Changes the Land use Land cover and the Impact of the IT Park at Talwade Pune on the nearby villagesInternational Journal of scientific Research in Science and technology Volume 7, Issue 5, September- October 2020 ISSN- 2395-6011 Impact Factor-7.214
    13Changes in Land Use in the Proximity of the Selected IT Parks in Pune: A temporal study of Hinjewadi IT ParksResearch Journey International E- Research Journal Volume 7 Issue 3A July- Aug- Sept – 2020 ISSN- 2348-7143 Impact Factor – 6. 625 (SJIF)
    14Temporal Changes in Urban Population in Maharashtra State using GISIOSR Journal of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 25, Issue 10, Series 2 (October. 2020) e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845 www.iosrjournals.org
    15Regional Disparities in Level of Development in Kolhapur District of MaharashtraGolden Research thoughts International Recognition Multidisciplinary Research Journal ISSN 2231-5063
    Projects Done by Students (2018-2022)
    Name of StudentYearResearch GuideTopicProject/Dissertation
    Mandakini Baruah2018Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareUrbanization of Maharashtra: A temporal analysis.Dissertation
    Thounaoojam Shajeena2019Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareInternal Migration of Students: A case study of part of Pune city.Dissertation
    Lalrempuii Rem2019Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareCharacteristics of Urbanization in North-East IndiaDissertation
    Shambhuraje Kale2020Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareMigration of construction workers: A case study of workers in metro construction project.Dissertation
    Akash Patil2020Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareAgeing in Maharashtra: A temporal study.Dissertation
    ThounaojamManishwor Singh2020Dr. (Mrs) U.R.KhareProblems of migration of students for education: A case study of selected colleges in Pune.Dissertation
    Jyoti2018Dr. (Mrs) Anargha DhordeAssessment of the Short term trends in Tide level at the local scale: Case study of few selected location along central Konkan coast of MaharashtraDissertation
    Sweta Deka2019Dr. (Mrs) Anargha DhordeAssessment of the Changes in Land Surface Temperature Over Nashik City Using Remotely Sensed DataDissertation
    Shamboo Shinde2019Dr. (Mrs) Anargha DhordeEvaluation of spatio-temporal variations in land use land cover and its impact on impervious surface area of Thane cityDissertation
    Ruhie Sayyed2020Dr. (Mrs) Anargha DhordeEvaluation of Ground water quality of Raigad district, MaharashtraDissertation
    Rajashree Shinde2018Mr. Gaurav GamreA comparative study of Dapoli and Mandangad of Ratnagiri District in MaharashtraProject
    Priyanka More2018Mr. Gaurav GamreA comparative study of Dapoli and Mandangad of Ratnagiri District in MaharashtraProject
    Talikumba Walling2018Mr. Gaurav GamreThe comparative study of Devgad and Malwan Tehsil of Sindhudurg district of MaharashtraProject
    Jasmine Debberma2019Mr. Gaurav GamreRegional Disparities in levels of development of Demographic in Washim DistrictProject
    Dugmali Debberma2019Mr. Gaurav GamreRegional Disparities in levels of Infrastructure in Washim DistrictProject
    Renthlei Lalmalsawmi2019Mr. Gaurav GamreRegional Disparities in levels of development of Agriculture in Washim DistrictProject

    Department Placement Details

    Sr. No.Name of StudentJob Profile
    1Akshay JagtapPhy. Education MIT College
    2Mandakini BaruahTomtom
    3Ajinkya ShindeTomtom
    4Promod PatilTomtom
    5Nikhil BayalGIS
    6Vanita KokateJr. College Teacher
    7Saurabh KaleGIS
    8Abhijit KavthekarGIS
    9Akash GaikwadGIS

    Glimpses at Department of Geography

    Departmental Downloads

    Our Alumni

    Following are our eminent alumni in different fields:

    Late Prof. S. C. GupteFormer Vice Chancellor of Pune University
    Dr. Amit DhordeProfessor, Department of Geography, SPPU
    Angira BaruahResearcher, USGS, USA
    Hemlata PatelAssistant Professor, Department of Geography, S.P.P.U
    Simantini ShomeAsso. Professor (Concord University, U.S.A.)
    Sadhana AmbikeLawyer, Internal Complaints Committee
    Shekhar ChopraGroup Captain (Air Force)
    Priyadarshan BawikarJournalist, Editor, Zignition
    Babita WakadkarPolice Inspector, Cyber Cell
    Hanumant GaikwadPolice Inspector, Anti-Corruption
    Vijay ShindePolice Department , CID
    Ashish KawadeIndus International School, Hyderabad
    Suhrud RabadeAssistant Director , Directorate of Revenue Intelligence