About the Department

The Nowrosjee Wadia College Chemistry Department consists of a large number of strong individual groups covering an extraordinary spectrum of science, centered on Chemistry. The development of fundamental understanding, with the emphasis on new structural, synthetic and theoretical techniques applicable in both academic and industrial contexts of the departments.

The departments Laboratories are well equipped with the necessary equipments/ instruments/ infrastructure to perform experiments in Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. All the research students are comfortably accommodated in the various research laboratories.

A wide range of companies and academic institutions from across the world hire our graduates and collaborate with us on research. Research in the department is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, and addresses key societal needs and college initiatives

Chemistry Department have conducted Silver jubilee Lecture Competition for Students, Chemistry Exhibition & Quiz Competitions, and Industrial tours for P.G & U.G Students

Department Highlights

  • Regular industrial visits for students to various industries and research centers to acquaint them with ultra modern instruments

  • Annual Silver Jubilee Lecture Competition at the Dept. to promote oratory talents in students

  • Regular interaction with eminent scientists and Professors of repute by arranging their lectures for the students.

  • Hosting of Chemistry Exhibition by students to nurture innovative talents

  • Emphasis on regular seminars, workshops, group assignment and individual assignment and heuristic approach of learning

  • Highly objective & elaborative methods of evaluation

  • Diagnostic testing and remedial teaching

  • Use of LCD,OHP and other multimedia equipments

  • State of the art laboratories having advanced instruments at the U.G and P.G level to enable research in current areas using modern techniques

  • Courses conducted by the department

  • B. Sc. Chemistry

  • M. Sc. Physical Chemistry

  • M. Sc. Analytical Chemistry

  • M. Sc. Organic Chemistry

  • M. Sc. Polymer Science

  • Head of Department

    Prof. Dr. V. V. Chabukswar

    Head, Department of Chemistry

    Professor in Chemistry

    M. Sc. Ph. D.

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    Senior College Faculties

    Name of FacultyDesignationProfile link
    Prof. Dr. Vasant V. ChabukswarProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Vijaymala GhorpadeAssociate Professor View Profile
    Prof. Dr. B. B. BahuleVice-Principal & ProfessorView Profile
    Prof. Mrs. Dr. R. P. BhadaneProfessorView Profile
    Prof. Dr. Yogesh M. NandurkarProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Ravsaheb SangpalDr. R. R. SangpalAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Basavani K. PatilAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mrs. Snehal S. LatpateAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Mrs. Smita DeoreAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Vitthal BorkarAssistant Professor View Profile
    Dr. Mahesh PandharpatteAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mr. Nitin R. RodeAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Kishor KaleAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Mrs. A. S. DeshpandeAssociate Professor View Profile
    Mrs. Deepali SaxenaAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Rajendra YadavAssistant Professor View Profile
    Mr. Navnath G. KambleAssistant Professor
    Minakshi SonawaneAssistant Professor View Profile
    Dr. Yogita Y. DeshpandeAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Nilkanth ShindeAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Ravina AlhatAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Reshma Raskar WagholeAssistant Professor View Profile
    Mr. Bhairavnath NanavareAssistant Professor
    Mrs. Sandhya WalkeAssistant Professor View Profile
    Yogesh Gaikwad(Bhagat)Assistant ProfessorView Profile
    Manisha AmbekarAssistant Professor View Profile
    Mrs. Sandhyarani TandaleAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mr. Pramod PatilAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mrs. Smita JagtapAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mrs. Anuja WareAssistant Professor
    Mrs. Rupali ChavanAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mr. Siddheshwar ParitAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mr. Sandip LavareAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Dr. Abhijit ShindeAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mrs. Sonali KakadeAssistant ProfessorView Profile
    Mrs. Kanchan JoshiAssistant ProfessorView Profile

    Junior College Faculties

    Sr. No.Name of facultyDesignationProfile link
    Ms. Shobha S. DhandoreJunior College TeacherView Profile
    Dr. Bhaskar L. KhadeJunior College Teacher
    Mrs. Reshma B. KhadeJunior College Teacher
    Mr. Rahul V. KokareJunior College Teacher
    Mrs. Sangita V. GawadeJunior College TeacherView Profile
    Mr. Bandopant S. KhadeJunior College TeacherView Profile
    Mrs. Pallavi S. GogawaleJunior College Teacher
    Mr. Vijay N. SuradkarJunior College TeacherView Profile
    Mrs. Vidya S. JaybhayJunior College Teacher
    Mr. Santosh JagtapAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Pallavi LambhateAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Prachi PuradupadhyaAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Shweta KajulkarAssistant Teacher
    Mr. Dattatray TandaleAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Anagha PanditAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Manisha PardeshiAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Kanchan SurvaseAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Sakshi GargotiAssistant Teacher
    Mrs. Vaishnavi UbaleAssistant Teacher
    Mr. Jagdish FasgeAssistant Teacher


  • There is a separate spacious building for P.G. Courses and 3000 sq. ft. laboratories with research facilities

    Instrument / ApparatusManufacturer
    FT-IR SpectrophotometerPerkin Elmer
    UV-visible spectrophotometerPerkin Elmer
    Gas ChromatographChemtrom Ltd.
    Karl Fischer TitratorSpectrolab
    Electrochemical Analyzer (Cyclic Voltammeter)Sinsil International – US
    Polarograph with recorderElico
    Flame PhotometerElico
    G. M. CounterNucleonix


    Separate classrooms for U.G and P.G classes

    Teaching aids

    Use of Chem-draw software for Organic Chemistry Structure drawing for Post Graduate students. Teaching stereochemistry topic by using Stereochemistry models box for UG and PG students.

  • Events and activities organised by department

  • One day workshop for Nirbhay Kanaya Abhiyaan on 28 th February 2022

  • One day workshop for making hand washes on 2 nd march 2022

  • One day workshop for visually impaired students on 3 rd- 4 th march 2022

  • Workshop for syllabus restructuring of polymer science in year 2019 by Dr.(Mrs.) Anita S. Deshpande

  • The world of borosil workshop organised by chemistry dept 28th August 2021

  • Online workshop on M.Sc.II Organic chemistry practical course for Semester 3 and 4 initiatives in June 2021

  • Chemfest – Chemistry exhibition organised in Jan 2020

  • Silver jubilee lecture competition for PG students was organised in Feb 2020

  • One day Industry Academic Interaction seminar for M.Sc Chemistry Students on 15th January 2020 organized by Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • Maharashtra Academy of Sciences - Nowrosjee Wadia College ,Golden jubilee V. G. Bhide Lecture series : Prof: G.D Yadav Vice Chancellor ICT Mumbai, Prof. O.N Shrivastav, BHU Varanasi. 5th September 2019 organized by Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • Industry - Academic Interaction; Industry: K.D Joshi lab, Henkel Pharma. Synthchem on 15th Feb 2020 organized by Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • Arranged Hands on training on manufacture and safety measures in Lab for UG and PG students : industry ; BOROSIL 4/9/2019 organized by Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • A seminar titled as “Radiopharmaceuticals for healthcare “organized by the Indian Women Scientists association, Pune branch supported by BRNS-DAE. The popular Science lecture was hosted by Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune and held on Saturday, 6 th Feb 2021 organized by Dr. Mrs. R. P Bhadane

  • The Science Webinar organised by Chemistry Department on 28 th Feb 2021 on occasion of National Science Day

  • Junior College Exhibition : Prof. Pallavi Lambhate worked for Rangoli Exhibition in the year 2018 and Mehendi Exhibition in the year 2019

  • Several research students continued to pursue their research activities under the guidance of Dr.V.V.Chabukswar, Dr.B.B.Bahule and Dr.R.P.Bhadane. Many staff members of the Chemistry Department are active in the research and published research papers in journal of repute.

    Staff Participating in Research Activity

  • Dr. Vasant Vidyadhar Chabukswar working as Ph. D Research Guide Ph.D. Awarded: 05 Students, M. Phil. Awarded: 03 Students, M.Sc. Students Research Projects completed: 50. *Publications: 45 Research Publications in International High impact Peer Reviewed Journals. *Indian Patent: 02, *Internatinal Collaboration:Research Collaboration with Prof. Sabrina Dallavalle Milan University Italy,*Visiting faculty and Conferences Presentations: Europe (Italy, France, Germany): 11, Asia (Singapore, Nepal): 04,In India: 68 (International and National Conferences)

  • Dr. Bharat Bapurao Bahule - 6 students have enrolled for PhD. M.Sc. Students Research Projects completed: 10. *Publications: 34. Research Publications in International High impact Peer Reviewed Journals.

  • Dr. Mrs. Ranjana Pravin Bhadane -
  • Guiding 2 Ph.D. Students.
  • Guided 10 M. Sc. project students
  • Completed 4 research schemes sponsored by ISRO, UGC, BCUD
  • 37 research publications in national and international journals.
  • Presented 5 research papers in national and international conferences
  • One of the authors in Physical chemistry books for undergraduate level (Manali Publication).

  • Dr. Smita Vishal Deore - Recognized Research Guide for Ph.D and M.Phill

  • Dr. Vitthal Tukaram Borkar - Completed one BCUD minor research project, Ph.D Research Guide since from June 2021

  • Dr. Rajendra Parasram Yadav – 13 Research Publications in journal of repute. Students Research Projects Completed: 04

  • Dr. Nilkanth Shivaji Shinde – 06 Research Publications in journal of repute. Students Research Projects Completed: 05

  • Mr. Patil Basavani Krishna - One research paper published in International Journal of Scientific Research.

  • Mr.Nitin Rode – 04 Research Publications in journal of repute.

  • Mr. Kishor Kale – 04 Research Publications in journal of repute.

  • Dr. Pramod Patil – 06 Research Publications in journal of repute.

  • Patents, MOUs and collaborations

    Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • Indian Patent Application number: 201821002805; entitled “Novel Topical Composition and Process for Preparation Thereof” Year 2019 Journal Research

  • Indian Patent Application number: 201721035449; entitled “Stable pharmaceutical composition for topical administration of ofloxacin” Year 2019

    Dr. V.V. Chabukswar

  • Research Collaboration with Prof. Sabrina Dallavalle Milan University Italy, Visiting faculty and Conferences Presentations: Europe (Italy, France, Germany): 11,Asia (Singapore, Nepal): 04,

  • Projects done by students during the year 2018-2020

    Dr. V. V. Chabukswar

  • 2018-2019 : 15 students of M.Sc. completed project.

  • 2019-2020: 15 students of M.Sc. completed project.

    Dr. Mrs. A. S. Deshpande

  • 2018-2019: 06 students of M.Sc.II completed project.

    Dr. Nilkanth Shivaji Shinde

  • 2019-2020: 03 students of M.Sc. completed project.


    Sr. No.Name of StudentCompany Name
    1Akasha DumbreO2h Pharma Ahemdabadh
    2Tushar BhosalePiramal discovery solutions Ahemdabad
    3Pandunana BoradeCipla kurkumb
    4Amol DukchavaleCipla kurkumb
    5Ganesh ThopteJubilant life science
    6Haridas ShelarUnichem pharma Raigad
    7Manisha GawadeHikel pharma Hinjawadi
    8Akshay ShapurkarLaxai pharma Hyderabad
    9Pooja PachaputeTuv India Pvt Hinjawadi
    10Sonal MaskeJubilant life science
    11Tejal JagtapSyngen Hyderabad
    12Sita shahaGvk Bangalore
    13Chirag ChinchaneKD joshi lab pune
    14. Namrata DhawadeKD joshi lab pune
    15Abhijeet BhagawatInnosynth lab Khopoli


    Sr. No.Name of StudentCompany Name
    1Saif HaiderHalliburton Technology Center Pune
    2Pooja PachaputeEco-Lab India Pune
    3Dr. Datta BagalKalyani Powertarin Ltd. Mumbai.
    4Rukaya ShikalgarEco-Lab India Pune
    5Dr. Dipak WalunjPost Doc USA
    6Mr. Zabez ThulluaprambilSelected for Ph D programme in University of Buffalo

    Dr. V. V. Chabukswar

    1. “Best Teacher Award” Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune 2018
    2. Best Teacher award by Nag-Vidarbha Association, Maharashtra.2018
    3. Mentor – DST sponsored INSPIRE programme.
    4. Royal Society of chemistry London. Member ID: 580285. 2019
    5. Nominated as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High School Scholar , Atlanta GA 2015.
    6. Member of Board Of Studies :
      1. BOS member SP Pune University 2018
      2. Ferguson college 2019
      3. Modern College 2019
      4. Member Research and Recognition R&R committee : Bharthi Vidyapeeth 2021
      5. Referee and Guest Lecture for DST INSPIRE INTERNSHIP SCIENCE CAMP Sponsored by DST, New Delhi.

    Mr. Nitin Ramchandra Rode

    1. Late Govind Keshav Mandke award in Abasaheb Garware College, Pune. For obtaining highest marks in Organic chemistry at M.Sc. level.
    2. 2nd Prize winner for a presented poster in conference Emerging Trends in Chemical and Material Science (ETMS-2020) held between 6-7th March 2020 at Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
    3. 1st prize winner for a presented a poster in National conference on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology organised by C. T. Bora College, Shirur between 18-19th January 2019.

    Dr. Vitthal Tukaram Borkar

    1. National Level: Awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India and the National Film Development Corporation, for the Script and Direction of the Short Film ‘Bolanare Haath’ at the Swachh Bharat Short Film Festival Competition, on 2/10/2016.
    2. University Level: Awarded ‘Best Innovative Teaching Award 2021-22’ (Non-professional courses, urban area) of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune on 10 th February 2022.

    Dr. Mrs. Anita S. Deshpande

    1. Best Oral presentation of research paper in Indian Council of Chemists Conference.

    Dr. Smita Vishal Deore

    1. Recognized Research Guide for Ph.D and M.Phill

    Vidya sandesh Jaybhay

    1. ‘Adarsh Stree award, Best alumini award from school

    Glimpses at Department of Chemistry

    Syllabus will be provided soon.

      The following alumni of the Post-Graduate Department who have passed out in the last 5 years are engaged currently in research work.

      Sujeet KutalaBio-chemical reactions - Florida
      Kevin ValentineOrganic Catalysts -- USA
      Mukund GhawarePh.D and post-doc In Organic Synthesis -- Italy
      Sanil KunjirPh.D and post-doc In Organic Synthesis --Italy
      Santosh KumbharkarTeaching Faculty at Imperial College, London