Bachelor of Arts ( B. A. )


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is a 3-year full time degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. The program is designed to serve the requirements of Choice Based Credit System as per the guidelines of University Grants Commission. The continuous assessment of Choice Based Credit System facilitates systematic and thorough learning towards better understanding of the subject. The B.A. Program is designed to develop self-confident and knowledgeable personnel. The course is designed to motivate students in the field of research as well. The degree program not only offers opportunities and avenues to learn core subjects but also explores additional avenues of learning beyond the core subjects for holistic development of an individual at par with best international academic practices.

  • To foster value-based education and capability to effectively engage in a multicultural society and interact respectfully with diverse groups.

  • To enrich project-based learning and create foundation for research, ability to analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from quantitative/qualitative data.
  • To train the students in skill-oriented courses.
  • To increase and improve self-confidence, effective communication skills, critical thinking, perfect and proper presentation skill through personality development courses.
  • To inculcate demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more disciplines that form a part of an undergraduate programme of study.

The B.A. Program is a three-year full-time undergraduate program. The details of the courses are provided below.

Intake Capacity


Sanctioned Intake Capacity
F. Y. B. A (Aided)360
F. Y. B. A (Un-Aided)240

  • The college follows the reservation policy as per government of Maharashtra and the Savitribai Phule Pune University norms for the admissions to these classes.

  • Course Structure

    The B.A. Programme is a three-year full-time undergraduate program. The details of the courses are provided as under.

    Medium of instruction
    • Medium of instruction for three divisions (A, D & E) of F.Y.B.A. is English and for two divisions (B & C) is Marathi.

    • For S.Y.B.A. & T.Y.B.A. the medium of instruction for one division is English and two divisions is Marathi.

    B.A. First Year (F.Y.)

    In order to meet the requirements of the changing times and to keep up-to date with the development in higher education globally, the Savitribai Phule Pune University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System from Academic Year 2019-20. The details of CBCS and evaluation are as follows.

    B.A. First Year (F.Y.) Course Structure
    Type of PaperGroup
    One Compulsory paperGroup A – Compulsory English
    One Compulsory language paper from two groupsGroup B – Marathi/French Advance/French Beginner (Only One Subject)
    Group C - Hindi
    Four Optional Papers from other groupsGroup D – Economics
    Group E – Politics
    Group F – History
    Group G – Geography
    Group H – Psychology
    Group I – Defence Studies
    Group J – Optional English/ Financial Mathematics/Mathematical Statistics (Only one subject)
    Group K – Mathematics / Logic & Methodology of Science (Only one Subject)
    Group L – Philosophy/ Statistics/ Applied Mathematics (Only one Subject)

    B.A. Second Year (S.Y.)

    The courses mentioned below are as per the Revised B.A. Program Structure CBCS 2019 Pattern, for the Second Year with effect from academic year 2020-21.

    B.A. Second Year (S.Y.) Course Structure
    • All together the student will be choosing Six (6) subjects for their S.Y.B.A and Two (2) Compulsory Additional Courses –
    • i) Environmental Awareness (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course)
    • ii) Modern Indian Language. (MIL)

    Students are expected to fill their special and general subjects correctly as mentioned in the list of Specialisation and General level subjects.

    • Compulsory English – this course is compulsory; every student has to opt this course by default

    • Students are advised to choose one specialization subject (which will composed of One General/ Core Course (CC) and Two Special course / Discipline Specific Courses (D.S.E.) + Skilled Based Course (SEC)

    • Out of the remaining subjects any two subjects (from the subjects opted at the F.Y.B.A. level) can be chosen as optional / additional papers.

    • Only students who took up Optional English at F.Y.B.A. Level are eligible to specialize in English at S.Y.B.A & T.Y.B.A. level.

    B.A. Final Year (T.Y.)

    The courses mentioned below are as per the Revised B.A. Program Structure CBCS 2019 Pattern for the Third Year with the effect from academic year 2020-21.
    The College provides special level courses in the following subjects –

    • English
    • Economics
    • History
    • Politics
    • Psychology
    • Geography
    • Mathematics
    • Marathi
    Admission Procedure

    • A Student has to obtain / download the Admission Form in prescribed format from the College website.

    • Students should see the updated merit list on the college website and take admission by paying the fees.

    • The admission will be confirmed after paying the full fees and submission of the required documents.