Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
( B. Sc. ( C. S. ) )


B. Sc. (Computer Science) course is designed to prepare students to undertake careers involving problem solving using computer science and technologies, or to pursue advanced studies and research in computer science. The syllabus which comprises of Computer Science subject along with that of the three allied subjects (Mathematics, Electronics and Statistics) covers the foundational aspects of computing sciences and also develops the requisite professional skills and problem solving abilities using computing sciences. Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Sc.) is a three years full time degree course affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University. In order to match our scientific education system with that of global standards, Savitribai Phule Pune University has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic year 2019 onwards for all Under- Graduate programmes under the faculty of Science. In CBCS, the minimum total no. of credits requirement is 132. These credits are distributed in 6 semesters. To obtain B.Sc. degree, students have to obtain additional 8 Credits by participating in various activities along with these Compulsory 132 credits.

  • To develop problem solving abilities using a computer.

  • To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions for real life problems.

  • To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry.

  • To prepare the necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science.

  • To help students build-up a successful career in Computer Science and to produce entrepreneurs who can innovate and develop software products

Intake Capacity
Sr. No.YearSanctioned Intake Capacity
1F. Y. B. Sc. Computer Science160
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) in Science passed with Mathematics

  • Direct Second Year B.Sc. (C.S)
    Three years Diploma Course after SSC and its equivalent passed
    Two-year Diploma Course after HSC of MSBTE in IT/Computer/Electronics/ and E & TC Engineering are eligible
Course Structure

B. Sc. (Computer Science) is a three year Professional degree program under the faculty of Science and Technology affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University.

F. Y. B. Sc. (Computer Science)

Following subjects are offered by our college at F.Y. B.Sc. (Computer Science) Programme.
Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject Name
Semester I
1CS-111Problem Solving using Computer and ‘C’ Programming
2CS-112Database Management Systems
3CS-113Practical course based on CS-111 and CS-112
4MTC-111Matrix Algebra
5MTC-112Discrete Mathematics
6MTC-113Mathematics Practical
7ELC-111Semiconductor Devices and Basic Electronic Systems
8ELC-112Principles of Digital Electronics
9ELC-113Electronics Practical
10CSST 111Descriptive Statistics I
11CSST 112Mathematical Statistics
12CSST113Statistics Practical Paper I
Semester II
1CS-121Advanced ‘C’ Programming
2CS-122Relational Database Management Systems
3CS-123Practical course based on CS-121 and CS-122
4MTC-121Linear Algebra
5MTC-122Graph Theory
6MTC-123Mathematics Practical
7ELC-121Instrumentation System
8ELC-122Basics of Computer Organization
9ELC-123Electronics Lab IB
10CSST121Methods of Applied Statistics
11CSST122Continuous Probability Distributions and Testing of Hypothesis
12CSST123Statistics Practical Paper II
Evaluation Process:

Semester Pattern of 35+15 Marks: University Exam 35 Marks + Internal 15 Marks (50 M for each Subject)

S. Y. B. Sc. (Computer Science)

Following subjects are offered at S. Y. B.Sc.(Computer Science)
Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject Name
Semester III
1CS-231Data Structures and Algorithms-I
2CS-232Software Engineering
3CS-233Practical course based on CS-231
5MT-232Numerical Analysis
6MT-233Mathematics Practical
7EL-211Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
8EL-212Digital Communication and Networking
9EL-213Electronics Practical Course 1
10AECC-IEnvironment Science – I
11AECC-IILanguage Communication – I
Semester IV
1CS-241Data Structures and Algorithms –II
2CS-242Computer Networks - I
3CS-243Practical course based on CS-241
4MT-241Computational Geometry
5MT-242Operations Research
6MT-243Mathematics Practical
7EL-221Raspberry PI
8EL-222Wireless Communication and Internet of Things
9EL-223Electronics Practical II
10AECC-IIIEnvironment Science – II
11AECC-IVLanguage Communication – II
Evaluation Process:

Semester Pattern of 35+15 Marks: University Exam 35 Marks + Internal 15 Marks (50 M for each Subject)

T. Y. B. Sc. (Computer Science)

Following subjects are offered at T. Y. B.Sc. (Computer Science).
Sr. No.Subject CodeSubject Name
Semester V
1CS-351Operating Systems - I
2CS-352Computer Networks - II
3CS-357Practical course based on CS-351
4CS-353Web Technologies - I
5CS-354Foundations of Data Science
6CS-358Practical course based on CS-353
7CS-355Object Oriented Programming - I (Core Java)
8CS-356Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction – I
9CS-359Practical Course based on CS-355
10CS-3510Python Programming
11CS-3511Open Elective(Blockchain)
Semester VI
1CS-361Operating Systems - II
2CS-362Software Testing
3CS-367Practical course based on CS-361
4CS-363Web Technologies - II
5CS-364Data Analytics
6CS-368Practical course based on CS-362 and CS-364
7CS-365Object Oriented Programming - II (Advanced Java)
8CS-366Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction - II
9CS-369Practical Course based on CS-365
10CS-3610Software Testing Tools
Evaluation Process:

Semester Pattern of 35+15 Marks: University Exam 35 Marks + Internal 15 Marks (50 M for each Subject)

Admission Procedure

  • A Student has to obtain/ download the Admission Form in prescribed format from the College website.

  • Students should see the updated merit list on the college website and take admission by paying the fees.

  • The admission will be confirmed after paying the full fees and submission of the required documents.